Frequently asked Questions

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Where do you source your animals?

All animals have either died naturally or are sourced from reputable sellers - this can include breeders, rescues, gamekeepers and foragers
I also use old damaged taxidermy and skulls that others don’t find desirable anymore - the sourcing from these can vary from deceased pets, trophies and pest control - please note i do not condone hunting for sport or trophies but i like to honor an animal that has been used in the past and fix them if possible rather than them being discarded.

I spend a lot of time finding good reputable sellers for all my “supplies” as i don’t wish to condone any forms of animal cruelty in the harvesting of
any elements for my work.
Most items that are found by myself come from natural death or RTA animals but some items can come from other “vulture” collectors or gamekeepers who also find them already deceased.
For insects and butterflies they are mainly sourced from breeders and sanctuaries while some i am lucky enough to find myself that have died naturally in the wild - this makes most wings imperfect in some way and all specimens are relaxed and set by myself
(unless old damaged displays have been salvaged)
All items are legal to posses and own in the UK and nothing listed is endangered or on CITIES.
Everything conforms in accordance within the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and no animals have been taken live from the wild to be used for my work. As the term “ethical” is different for each person, you can read into my ethics standards here!

Do you grow the crystals?

Yes, every piece you see listed the crystals have been grown directly onto that piece! some pieces take numerous attempts to get the desired effect and can take a long time to properly form into crystals. Some pieces may have crystals shards glued on in places (the item description will mention if they have) but 99% of the crystals you see on my work have all been grown by myself with various different chemicals.

When will my order be shipped?

All orders will be shipped within 2-7 working days of ordering. I generally ship orders each tuesday - so to catch that shipping trip orders need to be in the day before so i have time to package them.
After orders have been shipped, shipping times are completely out of my control, however Royal Mail deliveries usually take 3-10 working days to arrive (UK) and 2-6 weeks for International deliveries depending on which country the order has been shipped to.
Faster delivery options are available if discussed before purchase and extra insurance on your order is available at checkout. All international orders are sent tracked & signed - some destinations do not offer both so they shall be sent Tracked only.​

Can i add your crystal pieces to tanks/pet enclosures?

No, all crystallized items are sent with a care sheet on how they should be kept.
They shouldn’t be placed in tanks containing any pets or water as this could cause the crystals to dissolve and cause a change in the waters balance and potentially cause harm to any animal in the water or by being ingested by the animal/plant.
I recommend all crystallized pieces are kept in a dry non-humid area out of direct sunlight and heat.This includes keeping your crystals near or in: Humidifiers, Plants (inc air plants & live moss), Bathrooms, Washers/Dryers, Air Conditioning units, Water Fountains, Damp clothes or furnishings, Windows/doors with condensation, Radiators/Heaters, Boilers, Soil & Grass, Under direct light from bulbs/heaters, Outdoors in greenhouses or conservatories.
This helps maintain your crystallized piece meaning it should last longer without the crystals becoming damaged and turning back to their original chemical compound.

Can you do commission work if i send an item?

If there is a certain item your after in my style i am happy to try and source an item to work on, but please note this can take some time! if this is something your after please just send an email with all the information available.
I’m also happy to accept items to work on (from the UK only) so if you have an item in your possession that you would like me to work on please email me with what it is you have and
how you would like it processed.
My email is:

Are the crystals safe to touch?

All the crystals are completely safe!
My chemical mix is made up of naturally occurring minerals that are not harmful or toxic in any way, but should not be ingested regardless.
All the crystals are coloured with a skin safe and non-toxic ink and are then clear coated to protect them but please refer to the care sheet or above on how to properly display/store your item! to help prolong the crystals lifespan - as frequent handling of your crystallized items can cause irreversible damage to the crystal structure.

Can i donate an item to you?

Absolutely! i am happy taking both raw specimens, insects/tarantulas, found bones or old taxidermy pieces.
Feel free to email me at
The specimen needs to be frozen as soon as possible after you find it passed. To prepare to send large raw specimens its best to wrap them in something absorbent like kitchen toweling or newspaper, then wrap it in kitchen foil before placing the item into a cardboard box with either newspaper or bubble wrap around it so its nice and insulated but also not going to be thrown about inside the box. To package smaller items like Tarantula/Insect, place into something sturdy like a plastic cricket tub. Place tissue under, around and over to make sure it cannot move around and get damaged in the post, however don’t pack too tightly or push down hard as you risk squashing them. Just enough so can’t get thrown. Best way to think about it, would be as if you were posting them alive, the same principles apply. It is upto you if you wish to add ice packs to frozen items, anything to help keep it frozen longer is a bonus but please post first class OR Special by 1pm - I recommend signed for if it is a commission you would like back for peace of mind. Do not post on Friday or Saturday. Please only post Monday - Thursday. For items like bones or old taxidermy just making sure they are packaged securely is fine to avoid any possible damages during shipping - they can generally be sent as second class postage. I am happy to cover any shipping and packing costs.