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Human Ribs and Death Moth Frame - Skull

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Looking to have a custom item made?
We offer a wide range of products that can be customised, if you take a moment to view our gallery page for some ideas on what we do and check all the commission info below you can fill out the online form so we can better advise you on your commission request! 

Personalised Décor

If you have an idea and you want to merge a design with our taxidermy decor style we would love to help! 

It can be as simple as adding a peronal name or memorable date to a piece we have done or create you something totally new and unique!

We offer "signage" style frames for businesses that can include your business logo or name with a choice of oddity including butterflies, moths and skulls.

We can also make custom mirror designs with your logo or name in a variety of colours to really make you stand out!

Pet memorial pieces

We are extremely honoured when we are asked to make memorial pieces for customers pets and want to be able to give you the perfect keepsake to remember them by.


While we may not have known them in life we treat them with the same respect as any of our own beloved pets! and want to give you something you will cherish forever, we offer a wide range of options on how best to remember your loved one including frames and domes with custom vinyl name text and we can also incorporate any item they may have loved to make it totally personal and unique to your pet.

Please note that sadly at this time we can not undertake large pet commissions including cats & dogs - but we are happy to work with any bones or skulls you may already have.

Add vinyl text to your frame!
One for Sorrow Taxidermy Magpie Frame (1).JPEG

Vinyl on glass

We offer a wide range of colour options for your vinyl and can design any text in your prefered font.

Adding vinyl to your piece will be priced accurately upon request but can cost as little as £3 for  simple text/designs.

Please keep in mind the size of your frame or dome will determine how much text or how detailed your design can be!

Add ornate wood or metal corners
Ornate Gothic Death Moth Frame (2).JPEG

we offer both wooden and metal corners !


they vary between styles from ornate floral, to classic art deco - its advised to view our gallery to see what styles we use.

Metal corners cost £2 for two or £4 for all 4

small wooden corners cost £4 for two
or £8 for all 4

Larger wooden corners cost £6 for two

Ornate Frames

Crystalize a skull/bone

Some of our "signature" style is crystallized skulls and bones! 

we offer it in a variaty of colour options (some natural to the crystal type) 

If a skull is provided we offer this at:

small skulls (e.g. mouse) - £10
Medium (e.g. crow/rabbit) £20
Large (e.g. fox) £30
XL (e.g. sheep/goat) POA


Domes come in a variety of sizes and typically come with a black or wood (natural or stained) base, but a custom colour option can be discussed on request. 
They can come with a variety of moss colours for the base and prefered flower colours. 
Domes can be customised with vinyl text in various colour options - but please note the size of the dome will determine how much text/design can be added.

Custom dome

Resin pieces can be widely customised, they can be your prefered colour or clear and can come with any extras inside (e.g. flowers, moss, trinkets etc) 
We have a large selection of resin molds to be able to pick from that include jewellery items, wall hangers, jars and crystals.
Custom text can be added to resin items but please note this will depend on your chosen shape/size .

Resin work

Custom Frame

Frames are widely customisable, they can come invarious sizes and colour options including black, white, silver and wood. 
They can also be upgraded with wooden or metal corner detailing.
Standard frame backings are black and white but other colour options can be discussed on request!
All frames can be customised with vinyl text in various colour options - but please note the size of the frame will determine how much text/design can be added.

Themed domes/frames

one of our favourite things to make is themded pieces!

we have a range of alice in wonderland and tarot themed items but we can acomidate any idea! 

They can include extra details like bottles, charms, cards, text and so much more!

to get an accurate price its best to send all your ideas and what extras you would like

Themed pieces

Skull & bone display service

if you have a skull or bone you want displaying in our style we are happy to accomidate!

we can make it as simple or as extra as

you want

We can clean any bones you may already have that arent 100% clean at a small cost 

Prices will depend on how you would like the end result displayed... or we can just clean the specimen for you and send it back as is!

cleaning & display

Resin pieces

we have loads of ways we can incorporate any bones/small skulls you may have into resin

this includes jewellery and crystal shape ornaments!

they can include colour pigments, glitter, dried flowers & moss and so much more

Small resin items (including jewellery) start at £6

Larger resin items are £10+

Resin art/jewellery

why not check out our gallery

for ideas? or our shop to

see whats available