Preserved Paw Display

A simple tribute to your beloved pet by preserving their paw that is then displayed with your preferred flowers, with the additional option of adding their tag or vinyl text with their name to the glass.

Preserved Paw Display

Memorial Boxes
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We can offer both skull/bone or paw/tail preservation displayed in a wooden box with fried flowers and any accompanying item you would like included like ashes or name tags.

Memorial Box

Shadow Box Memorial
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a stunning tribute to your beloved pet by displaying either skull/bone pieces and their preserved paw/tail with your choice of flowers. they can also include name tags and vinyl text or even ashes in a vial.

Shadow Box Memorial

We are extremely honoured when we are asked to make memorial pieces for customers pets and want to be able to give you the perfect keepsake to remember them by.


While we may not have known them in life we treat them with the same respect as any of our own beloved pets! and want to give you something you will cherish forever, we offer a wide range of options on how best to remember your loved one including frames and domes with custom vinyl name text and we can also incorporate any item they may have loved to make it totally personal and unique to your pet.

Please note that sadly our pet memorial service is only available for UK customers, at this time we can not undertake large pet commissions involving dogs - but we are happy to work with any bones or skulls you may already have.

Pet Memorial Services

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Thank you! we aim to get back within 48hrs

Looking to have a memorial item made?
We offer a wide range of products that can be customised, if you take a moment to view our gallery page for some ideas on what we do!
we aim to work with any budget and offer you a stunning memorial piece at a price that best suits you with as much customisation as you would prefer!